D3 ARES Net Training 18 Nov 20
  November 18th, 2020

D3 ARES Net Training 11 Nov 20
  November 11th, 2020

N8QHV’s latest training was on contingency planning for travel.

See the complete training archive here.

D3 ARES Net Training 28 Oct 20
  October 28th, 2020

ARES E-Letter 21 October 20
  October 21st, 2020

New District 3 DMR Repeater
  October 21st, 2020

District 3 has a new DMR repeater on line.
  N8NQH BrandMeister DMR repeater on the west side of Dayton. Frequency 444.43750 +5 MHz, Color Code 11 Local 2 Cin-Day Cluster = Talk Group 2 and Local N8NQH/R = Talk Group 310557 are both on Repeater Slot 2.
  Talk Group 310557 should be used for all local contacts. Please use Repeater Slot 1 for all other Talk Groups and for Digital APRS-GPS.
  Greene County DMR Net every Tuesday at 8:30 pm local time on TG 310557 and TS 2.
  Don – KB8PSL
  District Emergency Coordinator
  West Central Ohio D-3 ARES

D3 ARES Net Training 21 Oct 20
  October 21st, 2020

D3 ARES Net Training 14 Oct 20
  October 14th, 2020

D3 ARES Net Training 30 September 2020
  September 30th, 2020

D3 ARES Net Training 23 September 2020
  September 23rd, 2020

From the ARRL Website:


Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) volunteers will take part in the Department of Defense (DOD) Communications Exercise 20-4, starting on October 3 and concluding on October 26.

The MARS focus is interoperability with ARRL and the amateur radio community. “Throughout the month of October, MARS members will interoperate with various amateur radio organizations that will be conducting their annual simulated emergency tests with state, county, and local emergency management personnel,” said MARS Chief Paul English, WD8DBY.

“MARS members will send a DOD-approved message to the amateur radio organizations recognizing this cooperative interoperability effort.” MARS members will also train with the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) and Radio Relay International (RRI) to send ICS 213 general messages to numerous amateur radio leaders across the US. “This exercise will culminate with MARS Auxiliarists sending a number of summary messages in support of a larger DOD communications exercise taking place October 20 – 26,” English added.

Throughout October, MARS stations will operate on 60 meters, and WWV/WWVH will broadcast messages to the amateur radio community. English assures no disruption to communications throughout the month-long series of training events.