October 10, 2015
1:00 pmto4:00 pm

Fairborn Fire Dept Open House 1–4. Come out and see where the DARA Truck lives when it is resting.

Fairborn Fire Station 2, 2200 Commerce Center Blvd

Bob Baker N8ADO

PSE River Corridor Classic 11 October
  September 25th, 2015

October 11, 2015
8:00 amto2:00 pm

River Corridor Half Marathon in Moraine and along river. In place around 8,  Race starts at 9. Need lots of help with this big event, including a number of bike mobiles.

Bob Baker N8ADO

PSE District Cross Country Meet 24 Oct
  September 25th, 2015

October 24, 2015
9:00 amto3:00 pm

District Cross Country Meet at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center, 6801 Hoke Rd Clayton.

In place around 9. (Races at 10, 1045, 1130, 1215, 100, 145) Lunch provided.

We need to cover about 5 spots for timing, etc, but another 4 to 5 volunteers would enhance runner safety and permit relief for the operators.

Bob Baker N8ADO

PSE Honeysuckle Clean Up 7 November
  September 25th, 2015

November 7, 2015
8:00 amto4:00 pm

Honeysuckle Clean-Up Safety Support at Clifton Gorge & John Bryan St Park.

Starts at 8. Lunch provided.

Similar to previous event, but different locations. Cell phone coverage is poor to non-existent in these areas, so the amateur radio ops are the only ones able to call for help.

We spread out among the crews and keep an eye on them. The clean-up crews will be using scary power tools and walking over difficult terrain. The more volunteers we get, the safer we can make it for the clean up crews. We were able to provide logistics support, but that is not our primary purpose.

(FYI–Honeysuckle is a non-native invasive species and there is an effort being made to return the area to the way it used to be so that the native species can return to glory.)

Bob Baker N8ADO

November 21, 2015
10:00 amto2:00 pm

Cross Country Invitational at Indian Riffle Park in Kettering. Need to be in place around 1000. 2 races 1100 girls, 1130 boys.

We usually meet for breakfast before.

This is a popular event. If you’ve done it before, you’ll want to sign up. If not, come out and see why. Charlie’s spot at the water crossing will need a new set of eyes (tear drips from right eye, sniff). T

his meet is where the elite from several states come to battle it out for bragging rights.


Bob Baker N8ADO

ARES E-Letter 16 September 2015
  September 16th, 2015

New Miami County EC
  September 4th, 2015

There is a New ARRL Emergency Coordinator appointed for Miami County ARES.


2920 Hickory Wood Drive Troy, OH 45373


Thank you for your support of ARES, I have enjoyed serving as your Miami County EC the past 8 years. Please give David your full support and cooperation.


David E. Robinson WB8PMG

MVPT Update
  May 1st, 2015

After over 10 years of being hosted on the febo.com servers through the kind generosity of John Ackerman, N8UR, the Miami Valley Priority Traffic (MVPT) list is transitioning to a new server. A hearty thank you to John for developing the MVPT list and his support of it over the years.

The Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) has graciously agreed to be the new home of the MVPT list. Special thanks to Don Parker, KB8PSL and Russ Roysden, N8NPT for making this happen.

Anyone that was subscribed to the old MVPT server has been transferred to the new server and you should have received a subscribe notification message. No action is required on your part to continue receiving messages.

The new site to subscribe or manage your subscriptions is:


Notifications will now be coming from mvpt@bellbrookarc.org. Please update any spam filters you may have to accept these messages.

Our first test of the new system will be during the District 3 ARES Net Wednesday, May 6th at 8:00PM Local.

Hi Gang,

Just wanted to let you all know that we now have a new Section
Emergency Coordinator..

I want to introduce you to Stan Broadway, N8BHL. Stan has an extensive
background in Emergency Services and ARES. He is currently also the
Emergency Coordinator for Delaware County.

Here’s just a “short list” of what Stan has been up to over his
years of “service..” to the public

Police –
• Deputy Sheriff
• Patrol
• Jail
• Dispatch

Fire / EMS
• Volunteer firefighter, EMT/Bridged (30 years)
• Technician level Haz Mat
• Incident Command, long list of FEMA courses
• Extensive training creation and delivery (tabletop, incident, and
• Grant development
• Planning

• Certified APCO Comm Center Manager
• Technical experience developing repeater-based systems
• FCC Amateur Radio “Extra” class license (highest possible)
• Built and configured console system in the early days of the
Tornado Spotter Net at National

Weather Service, Columbus
• Over 20 years experience as police/fire dispatcher in busy Columbus
suburban departments
• Familiar with newest mobile technology in radio/RF/IT/dispatching
• Webmaster, fire and emergency sites

Disaster / Tornado
• Control Operator for 14 years, member of management team Central

Ohio Severe Weather Spotters Network (N.W.S. National Recognition)
• Developed, wrote, and presented training seminars across Ohio
• Xenia, OH Tornado outbreak (34 fatalities) established EOC and
worked on management team with

National Guard
• Later consulted with Columbus on findings and results
• Several other large-scale tornado outbreaks with damage and injury
• Blizzard of ’78 experience
• Member, Port Columbus Air Crash committee (two years)

• 18 years managing, training and budgeting computer operations and
• Extensive national awards for journalism and web applications
• Extensive planning experience (1,5 and 10 year planning)

As you can see, Stan is extremely qualified to take the reins as
Section Emergency Coordinator..

I’m very proud to have Stan join the Section Cabinet as our SEC..

Stan can be reached at:    broadways@standi.com

Please welcome Stan as the new Section Emergency Coordinator for the
Ohio Section..



ARRL Ohio Section
Section Manager: Scott D Yonally, N8SY

Montgomery County ARES Digital Net

This net will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, at the conclusion of the weekly voice net on 444.250 MHz, + offset, and a 123.0 Hz tone.

 Net control for both nets will be WE8R

 The mode will be MT63 2KL, centered on 1500 in the waterfall.

We will start out with just basic check ins, until we get all participating amateurs equipment and software up and running.

 Check in information will consist of the following:





If you want to make a macro in fldigi with your check in information, it should look something like this…… (Right click on one of the macro buttons to edit the information…. Don’t forget to name the macro tab and save the macro information once you are finished.)







If you have entered your information in the info in the Fldigi “Configure” “Operator” boxes, when the macro button is pressed, it should transmit the following:   (Note: this is my info)




Fldigi 3.21.81     (version of Fldigi you are using)

If anyone would like to check their equipment, or needs help with the software, let me know and I will be glad to work with you.     WE8R@mocoares.org

73, Robert WE8R

Robert Rosenfelder / WE8R

Montgomery County ARES

AEC South