DMR Nets
  August 4th, 2020

The Greene County DMR net meets every Tuesday at 8:30 pm local time on Talk Group 310557 on the N8NQH DMR repeater in Bellbrook, OH (444.8750+, CC: 13, TS 2).

This net is for the discussion of DMR in general and training in DMR net operation. This net is open to all amateurs. You do not need to be a member of any local or national organization or live in Greene County to participate.

There is also a list of DMR nets statewide on the Ohio ARES site (several are ARES nets)

Winlink Nets
  August 4th, 2020

Winlink is a digital mode used primarily as a store and forward messaging system. A station connects via RF to a VHF or HF node known as a Radio Message Server (RMS) Gateway. The RMS gateway forwards that message to one of two redundant Common Message Servers (CMS) via internet. When a receiving station connects to the system, the CMS sends the message to the RMS that the receiving station is logged in to. There are also Hybrid gateways that will relay messages when the internet is down.

This gives a valuable capability when internet is down in a local area, allowing stations to connect to HF gateways outside of the impacted area.

Winlink operates much as an E-mail program and has many standardized forms such as used by the Red Cross and Incident Command System (ICS) forms used by FEMA and local EMAs.

In addition to VHF and HF connections, there is a Telnet option that connects using the internet, providing an opportunity to learn the program prior to integrating it with your radio.

The Red Cross has incorporated Winlink into national exercises such as the one in May2020.

Two local Winlink nets are:

Greene County ARES Winlink net:

  • Send a Winlink message to W8LRJ via either using the Winlink gateway at 445.01 MHz simplex, HF or via Winlink Telnet any time on Tuesday between 6 am and 9 pm. All messages will be acknowledged.
  • Net, please use the following format: Callsign, Name, City, County, ARES District, State, and How Connected (Frequency and Callsign of Winlink Gateway or Telnet). As an example, that would be W8LRJ, John Westerkamp, Beavercreek, Greene, D3, OH (via 445.01 W8GCA-10 Gateway)”
  • If you use Telnet, put //WL2K at the beginning of the Subject or the message may not get through. Remember that a Winlink Net is NOT like a conventional net where all participants meet simultaneously. All messages will be acknowledged on Wednesday.

Ohio Winlink Net:

  • Send a Winlink message to K8EAF any time on Wednesday.
  • Just a one line with callsign, first name, city, county, state and via what mode (VHF, UHF, HF or Telnet. Because we want operators to get started using Winlink, the Telnet check-ins are excepted.
  • Enter K8EAF in the “To” field. Subject field “OH Winlink Net Check-in”. In the body field enter callsign, first name, city, county, state and via what mode.
  • Example: K8EAF, Ed, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH (VHF)
  • All check-ins will be acknowledged, and a complete roster will be sent later in the week.
  • NOTE: They will accept the ICS213 forms and the new Winlink Check-in form found in the General_Forms folder. Test drive the forms!

Digital Training Nets
  August 4th, 2020

Various District 3 counties hold weekly Digital nets. These provide valuable training on using digital modes to pass traffic during an activation. They use sound card digital modes and the free FLDIGI software package.

FLDIGI is used in a keyboard to keyboard mode, either with two stations passing traffic to each other or for net operations with multiple stations. The companion FLMSG software allows use of standardized forms (such as American Red Cross of Incident Command System) to be passed.

Greene County:

  • Greene County ARES holds their digital net following their weekly voice nets on Tuesday evenings. The voice net begins at 21:00L.
  • It is held on the 146.910(-) W8GCA repeater.
  • The net uses the MT63 2000 Long (MT63-2KL) digital mode centered on 1500 Hz.

Montgomery County:

  • Montgomery Co. ARES holds their digital net following their weekly voice nets on Tuesday evenings. The voice net begins at 20:00L.
  • The first and third Tuesday of the month is on the 146.640(-) 123.0HZ tone K8MCA Repeater.
  • The second Tuesday of the month is held on the 444.250 (+) 123.0Hz tone K8MCA repeater.
  • (The fourth Tuesday is usually reserved for meetings, but during the COVID19 response a net on 146.640 is being held instead).
  • The net uses the MT63 2000 Long (MT63-2KL) digital mode centered on 1500 Hz.

If any other District 3 counties are holding Digital nets, please pass the information to for posting here.

Online Technician License Course
  August 4th, 2020

Greene County will be holding an online (Zoom) Technician License course from starting September 13th.  Full details on the Ham Radio License classes and Test sessions page.

September 26, 2020
7:00 amto5:00 pm

The Young’s Jersey Dairy Charity Bike Tour will be taking place again this year.

However it will be only a ONE day event and will be held on Saturday September 26th.

The course will be the bottom half of the same course we use for the TWO day ride. I will have final maps in a couple weeks hopefully.

Bike riders will be able to register and hit the road anytime when they want. There will be NO gathering of everyone for a single start. MANY other measures will also be taken at the rest stops to limit “gatherings” of people and too promote safe practices to prevent COVID spread.

We will need a number of operators to “patrol” the course to see if anyone needs help.

Please let me know if you can help! Mike Crawford KC8GLE

D3 ARES Net Training 29 July 20
  July 29th, 2020

N8QHV’s latest training was about the Did You Feel It program

See the complete training archive here.

D3 EC Meeting 19 September 20
  July 29th, 2020

September 19, 2020
9:00 amto11:00 am

The next District 3 EC meeting will be held using Zoom on Saturday, 19 September 19th from 9:00 to 11:00am.

There will be several discussion items including the upcoming Simulated Emergency Test (SET) in October.

If you have any questions or items you would like discussed contact our DEC, Don Parker, KB8PSL

D3 ARES Net Training 15 July 20
  July 16th, 2020

ARES E-Letter 15 July 2020
  July 16th, 2020

May 2020 Winlink Test Results
  June 16th, 2020

From the June 2020 ARES E-Letter, comments of Ohio SEC Stan Broadway, N8BHL:

Stan Broadway, N8BHL, Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator, reported “We did well for the Red Cross exercise on May 30; we had more Winlink activity than expected. So we need to increase the penetration and use of Winlink along with/as a part of the Ohio Digital Emergency Network (OHDEN), which principally supports the Ohio state EOC, and our traffic nets.”