July 20, 2019
July 21, 2019


It’s time again to seek volunteers for the Young’s Dairy Charity Bike Tour that will be on Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st. The two day tour covers several Ohio counties, comprising up to 100 miles, so a large number of ham radio operators will be needed. The tour starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday from Young’s Dairy, which is on Highway 68, north of Yellow Springs, and extends north to Ada Ohio. There is a bike path route for a portion of the return trip on day 2. We are not responsible for tracking riders on the bike path, but we may cover a few key intersections.

For any operators wanting to stay overnight in the dorm rooms at Ohio Northern University in Ada, where the riders stay, I WILL NEED TO KNOW THAT ASAP. For those not familiar with that option, I highly recommend it. The dorms are extremely nice and the organizers graciously provide them to at no cost to us. However, the organizers do have to pay for the rooms, and this is a charity event, so donations to offset the cost of the rooms are appreciated if you can manage it. Dinner and breakfast are included if you stay overnight, and these guys have an absolute blast up there. It’s really a great and entertaining time.

We are in need of very many operators for this event. Please consider coming out, if only for a portion of the day.

For the southern part of the course we will be using the Springfield 145.310 (-) Repeater with a 82.5hz tone.
For the northern part of the course we will be using the Bellefontaine 147.000 (+) Repeater with 100hz tone.

Please contact Mike Crawford kc8gle@earthlink.net, if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for this event.

September 21, 2019

Approximately 70 amateur radio operators are needed to support the USAF Marathon at Wright Patterson Air Force Base on Saturday, September 21, 2019 to provide the USAF Marathon Staff with emergency and logistic communications. This world class event has over 20,000 participants, volunteers, and spectators in attendance every year.
Amateur radio operators are indispensable in rapidly communicating information on runner’s locations and status, heat index settings, severe weather notifications, as well as emergencies and logistic issues. Plus, APRS is utilized to track lead runners and “Tail End Charlie’s”, thus allowing race officials and emergency services to more accurately monitor the race progression.
According to Brandon Hough, the USAF Marathon Race Director, the senior base leaders rely on the communication skills of our amateur radios operators and use them as a vital resource.

Multiple races are held on this day including: 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, and Wheelchair. The volunteer registration website for the USAF Marathon is now open. If you will be in the Dayton, Ohio area on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and would like to take part in this world class event, please go to the USAF Marathon website at http://www.usafmarathon.com/volunteer  and click the volunteer now link, scroll down to the amateur radio section to register. Training will be provided prior to the event.
How to register on line:
1. Go to the website above.
2. Click on the Volunteer Now button.
3. Acknowledge that you’re going to a new website.
4. On the new website, ignore the “password” entry box near the top of the page. Scroll down to the “Amateur Radio Operator” section and click the check box for the Amateur Radio Operator Position and only that position.
5. Scroll to the bottom, past all the other volunteer positions, and fill in your name and other required data.
6. Check the box below the waiver paragraph and then type in your name for a digital signature.
7. Click the “Sign Up to Volunteer” button.
8. You’re done!
9. You should get an automated email response from Jeanette Monaghan acknowledging your registration.
10. Contact Phil Verret if you have any questions or concerns.
Registration closes August 31, 2019.

If you have any questions please email:
Phil Verret, KA8ZKR
USAF Marathon Amateur Radio Lead Volunteer

September 28, 2019
7:00 amto12:00 pm

Amateur radio support is needed for the 2019 Twisted Pretzel Tour on 28 September 2019.

This bike ride takes place s around the Farmersville and Germantown areas of Montgomery County.

Hams are needed from 0700-12 Noon

This event is supported by the Germantown Amateur Radio Society (GARS)
Contact Al KE8JDX