Net Rotation

Current ARES Training Net Rotation

Date                 Net Control Operator

12 Jun 19   Keith Burnette, KB8GYB
19 Jun 19   Don Chelman, KB8LWL
26 Jun 19   Randy Allen, KAØAZS
03 Jul 19*  David Robinson, WB8PMG
10 Jul 19   John Massie, WX8JDM
17 Jul 19   Cliff Stumpff, KA8GOV
24 Jul 19   Don Chelman, KB8LWL
31 Jul 19    Keith Burnette, KB8GYB
07 Aug 19* Randy Allen, KAØAZS
14 Aug 19   David Robinson, WB8PMG
21 Aug 19   John Massie, WX8JDM
28 Aug 19  Cliff Stumpff, KA8GOV
04 Sep 19*  Don Chelman, KB8LWL
11 Sep 19   Keith Burnette, KB8GYB
18 Sep 19   Randy Allen, KAØAZS
25 Sep 19   David Robinson, WB8PMG
02 Oct 19   John Massie, WX8JDM
09 Oct 19   Cliff Stumpff, KA8GOV
16 Oct 19   Don Chelman, KB8LWL
23 Oct 19   Keith Burnette, KB8GYB
30 Oct 19   Randy Allen, KAØAZS
06 Nov 19* David Robinson, WB8PMG
29 Nov 19   John Massie, WX8JDM
13 Nov 19   Cliff Stumpff, KA8GOV
20 Nov 19   Don Chelman, KB8LWL
27 Nov 19   John Massie, WX8JDM
04 Dec 19* Don Chelman, KB8LWL
11 Dec 19   Keith Burnette, KB8GYB
18 Dec 19   Randy Allen, KAØAZS

* – Denotes the dates of the monthly EARS radio and Pager test at 8 p.m. On these days the West Central Ohio District 3 ARES net begins after the monthly EARS radio test tones have sounded at 8 p.m. Net Control Operators on these dates should ask for and record on the net report the number of EARS radios and pagers that did or did not activate for those amateur’s that have this equipment. ** – Slot left open for someone NOT in the regular rotation to give Net Control duties a try.  If you are interested, contact the Net Manager.

Note: We are always looking for new net controls.  Whether your are experienced or not,  this can be a great learning experience.

Program for ARES Net Control Operators:

I know better than anyone in this day we all have very limited time on our hands. This is a problem in all businesses and volunteer organizations I have dealt with. Due to this, and the need to boost the roster of trained net control operators for the District 3 ARES Net I am instituting a new program. I am now looking for volunteers to be a reserve net control operator for the District 3 ARES Net. This means the individual will be able to act as a net control for an emergency or drill for the ARES net but not have to take a slot in the active net rotation. To become a reserve net control simply email me with the needed information.

Requirements to become a reserve net control:
Be a licensed amateur radio operator (I know, duh)
Must be able to RELIABLY hit the 145.110/224.16 Repeater System in Dayton
Must be able to RELIABLY hit the 146.640 Repeater in Kettering
Have at least one-year experience as a net control operator on another net

The whole purpose of this is so that we can have trained & experienced net control operators right at the start. If an operator is interested in becoming a net control and does not have any experience it would be best to start as a regular net control before going to the reserve list so that your first net is not “the big one”. The repeaters listed above are a requirement because 145.110/224.160 is our primary repeater and 146.640 is the designated back up. It would not do any good to have a person on the list be called to bring up the net and not be able to hit the repeater.
I would also like to have volunteers for this program from all 9 of our counties. I know that would be hard right now with our transmit profile but here is why. It will not do us any good to have operators on a list able to run the ARES net for a multi-county event/emergency if all of them are from a couple of neighboring counties that may be involved in the primary response. So if you might be interested in becoming a reserve net control or even an active net control send me an email to 0netmanager AT with the info listed above included. Please list what net(s) you have run and how long.