17. Winlink over Android (WoAD)

There is now an Android APP for Winlink called WoAD (Winlink over AnDroid).

In the past week I’ve managed to successfully use it to send/receive Winlink messages using my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ 2019) and my Kenwood TH-D74, TH-D72 and TM-D710A APRS radios with built in TNCs.

The TH-D74 was the easiest with Bluetooth.

The TH-D72 was almost as easy using the programming cable and an OTG adapter for my tablet (There is a TH-D72 port setting built in specifying band A or B).

There’s currently no documentation for the TM-D710, but I figured what the heck. I hooked my PG-5G programming cable to the control head, hooked that to a Serial-USB convertor cable, hooked that to an OTG adapter, and then hooked that to the tablet. Worked right away.

All radios had their TNCs in Packet 1200 mode.

The USB connections seem a little finicky at times, but nothing that a unplug/plug or App restart won’t fix.

Used the TH-D74 Tablet combo to send my check-in message in the 8 May Red Cross Winlink drill.

However, this is not just for Kenwood radios. It will work on Telnet and has an ARDOP option I have not tested. Other users have used it with the Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC connected to a standard HT. There are several YouTube videos about using this App. Search using “WoAD Winlink”.

The App is not in the play store. You have to be willing to install it as an APK. But since it is listed on the Winlink.org software chart I figured it was good to go. It is still in Beta version, so not everything if fully functional, particularly in Templates

Their website is: https://woad.sumusltd.com/   They also have a WoAD Support Group on Google