KA8GOV steps down as net control
  February 26th, 2014

Cliff Stumpff, KA8GOV, who has served well, and for many years as a Ohio District 3 ARES Net Control, will no longer be able to participate, due to a new job that he will perform, for his church, on Wednesday nights.

Thanks Cliff  for your years of support.  Good luck in the future and we’ll always have a slot for you if you ever get a night off.  73

The Ohio ARES District 3 VHF Digital Training Net meets every Sunday Evening at approximately 9:15pm (after a Miami County voice Net is secured) on The 145.23- W8FW/R Repeater (no pl) located in Troy Ohio. This Repeater has good coverage and is centrality located in Ohio ARES District 3.

The Purpose of this Net is to provide Ohio ARES District 3 participants with information and a Training ground where the use of Digital Communications can be discussed and practiced on a regular basis. All Amateurs are welcome and encouraged to participate in this Net.

52 Digital Training Nets have been conducted from November of 2012 to November of 2013 on the W8FW/R 145.23- Repeater. This includes 29 different participants from Miami, Shelby, Darke, Clark, Greene, and Montgomery counties in Ohio ARES District 3. Net participants have successfully tested and used their Digital Equipment TX/RX capabilities on VHF. Training has included sending and receiving traffic using Blank, Plain Text, NTS, CSV, and ICS Forms with FLDigi, FLMsg, and FLAmp Software. Training has included the use and practice of MT63, Olivia, PSK31, PSK500, PSK125R10, and some Easy Pal MFSK Viedo Picture Modes. Thanks to Tom WB8LDW for spearheading this Net, Gary WB8ROL for assistance and Technical expertise, and all of the operators listed below who have participated.

WB8PMG    47      55/66
WB8LDW    46      24/71
WB8ROL    46      22/77
WA8APB    30      8/71
KD8RLB    23      7/37
KC8WHK    23      7/58
N2OJD      19      3/33
KF8MZ      18      0/24
AE8I      17      1/34
N8NQH      16      4/22
KA8OCG    15      3/39
NB8D      14      1/23
AC8JZ      12      1/17
KB8EMD    12      1/17
N8NSD      10      1/20
KG6NFJ    10      0/18
N8YD      06      1/14
N8DCP      06      2/8
KD8GKJ    05      0/8
KE8RG      03      0/1
KA8RVI    03      0/10
KD3SQ      01      0/0
WA4RQG/8  01      0/0
AC8KX      01      0/1
W8DGN      01      0/4
KD8VLN    01      0/0
KB8TVN    01      0/3
WD8OQX    01      0/1
KD8ADH    01      0/0

David E. Robinson
ARRL Emergency Coordinator
Miami County ARES Ohio District 3

New Darke County EC
  September 4th, 2013

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Yantis KD8KIR, of Gordon, OH to the position of Emergency Coordinator for Darke County in District 3.  Jeffrey is taking over for Bob Rhoades KC8WHK who has recently been appointed as DEC for District 3.

Matthew Welch W8DEC
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL – The national association for AMATEUR RADIO™

It is with great pleasure to announce the appointment of Robert (Bob) Rhoades KC8WHK, of Piqua, OH, to the position of District Emergency Coordinator for District 3.  District 3 includes Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Shelby Counties.

Bob has an extensive background in the fire service as well as education and training in the fire service.  He’s also the Darke County Emergency Coordinator and will remain as EC until such time Bob finds his successor.

Bob is taking the reigns from Alan Stone KB8RPO who is retiring and moving out of state.  I thank Alan for his years of service and wish him the best of luck on his new adventure.  Please join me in congratulating Bob on his new appointment by sending him an email to kc8whk@arrl.net.


Matthew Welch W8DEC
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
ARRL – The National Association for Amateur Radio™

Weekly Net Training Programs
  January 9th, 2013

Mike, N8QHV has volunteered to provide short training programs during the weekly District 3 Net.

Summaries of the programs will be posted under the Net Information menu under Training.

So if you miss the net, you can still catch up on the latest training items.


Clark County ARES Website
  November 14th, 2012

Clark County has a new web site.  Still under construction but already has a lot of good information.

Visit it at: http://clarkcountyares.info/index.html

Local Nets
  November 10th, 2012

Every Sunday evening at 9pm Local The Miami County ARES-RACES Emergency Services Net is held on the W8FW/R 145.23- Repeater. Unless there is interference, the Repeater is NO PL, but if there is interference a PL of 100hz may be used.

Immediately following The Voice Net, a Digital Net is held on the same frequency. Digital Mode (starting out) is MT63 2000hz, Long (64bit) Interleave with a center waterfall frequency of 1500hz.

Every Thursday evening at 8pm local time The Piqua ARC Net is held on The 147.21+ W8SWS/R. This Repeater recently changed to a 67hz PL due to interference.

Ohio ARES HF Net Tuesday evenings
  September 19th, 2012

W8SGT is facilitating an HF net every Tuesday at 1800L (6PM) on the Ohio ARES Admin frequency 3875 KHz LSB and 7240 KHz at about 1820L (6:20PM) also on Tuesday nights local time.  All frequencies +/- QRM

Once the voice nets are completed, look for a digital net:

The Dial frequency is 3582khz USB

Mode (starting out) is Olivia 500/16, with a center waterfall frequency of 1000hz.

The nets are run from the State of Ohio EOC and ALL are welcome to check in.

From the Ohio Section ARES Page



Upcoming Public Service Events
  September 19th, 2012

Here’s a list of upcoming Public Service Events not already listed here.  More details on each event as they come  available.

11/17/12    Cross Country Mid East Regionals Indian Riffle Park Kettering           Contact:    Mike Crawford   kc8gle@earthlink.net

12/31/12  Resolution Run, Beavercreek High School

OH Statewide Digital HF Net
  August 15th, 2012

The Ohio Section is developing plans to use Digital HF for emergency communications.  Part of this will be a regular ARES Digital HF Net.

To head development of this net,  OH SEC, Matt, W8DEC, has appointed Official Emergency Station and Preble County AEC Gary Hollenbaugh NJ8BB as the Net Manager for the Statewide Digital HF Net.  Gary has been given the “green light” to develop and implement this project as he deems fit.

District 3 DEC Al, KB8RPO, is fully behind this effort and encouraged everyone to download the chosen software during the District 3 ARES Net on 15 August.

The software packages are  fldigi and flmsg.  They can be downloaded for free at: http://www.w1hkj.com/.  There is an online wiki and there is a downloadable PDF with good information  located at  and even a YouTube video

Please note that fldigi runs on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac, and can be used as a general purpose HF digital program for general PSK31, etc. operations .