Greene County monthly EOC checks
  May 5th, 2010

On the first Wednesday evening of each month, we hold a Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Check at multiple locations in Beavercreek and in Xenia.

Operators meet at these EOC’s at 7:15 and get prepared for a “Net” to begin at 7:30. During the “Net” we have all EOC’s and any other stations wishing to participate to check-in, after which we move to different repeaters to check both their functionality and the capability of the radios to reach them.

EVERYONE is invited to participate, either from your location or you are welcome to come out to one of the EOC’s. Additionally, we would welcome check-ins from ANY other EOC’s in the Miami Valley Area that would like to participate.

To assist you in following the “Net” I have copied below the list of area repeaters used for the Net.

XWARN 147.165 Pl 100
KETTERING 145.110 PL 67
XWARN 443.100
DARA 146.940  PL 123
FAIRBORN 145.410 PL 118.8
GCARES 146.910
HUBER HEIGHTS 442.925 PL 123
SKYWARN 146.640
CINCY SKYWARN 146.880 PL 123″

These Monthly Nets are very important as they give us an opportunity to check out radios and repeaters, familiarize people with the operations of the radios and where they are located in the EOC’s, familiarize operators with EOC personnel (police, fire, and administrative), and is great practice for Net Operations. PLEASE consider either joining our NET Control Crew or at least participating from your location.


Mike Crawford KC8GLE

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