PSE: Air Force Marathon 18 Sep. 21
  May 19th, 2021

September 18, 2021

The US Air Force Marathon is scheduled for Saturday,  18 Sept. 2021.

Volunteer registration opened on 1 May 2021

Per 2021 Volunteer Lead for Ham Radio Bob, N8ADO:

Most of what we will do this year is mostly the same as in previous years, but there are a few changes planned that I will share with you as we get closer to the event. We will need a lot of volunteers to do this well and I encourage you to pass along this information to your ham friends and I ask that you encourage them to join us.
When you register, select “Race Day” as the category to which you want to volunteer. You will be presented with a list of jobs. You want to select “Amateur Radio Operator”.
The rest of the form should be fairly self-explanatory, but I note that the boxes where you fill in your info are often hard to see.
The form includes a number of places for optional info, for example, what position did you fill before. I have all this info, so do not worry about those details. If you wish to repeat a previous assignment or if you wish to try something different, the best way to communicate that desire is to email Generally, you will be considered first for a position which you have held before. For other requests, they will be considered in the order they are received.
The website to register is
Select the box:  “Volunteer Here”
You will be presented with a couple options, but I hope that you select the box “Go to Volunteer…”
If you have any issues with the process, drop me a note.
I know that many of you are not happy with having to go to your assigned spot before dawn and sit for a few hours waiting for the runners to arrive. This is a consequence of safety and security issues with having the event on an Air Force Base and there is little that we do to fix this. But there are a few assignments that are not on the base that might be more suitable. Also, if you cannot participate in race day events, consider volunteering to help with some of the preparation. For example, I could use a team to check out prospects for the repeaters that we will use to conduct communications during the event.
Bob Baker N8ADO  AFM Volunteer Lead for Ham Radio

More details as the event gets closer.

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