9. Did You Feel It

Greetings from Clark County, the easternmost part of ARES District 3‘s COVID-19 Red Zone. At least so far.

Randy, KAØAZS contributed an interesting program idea two weeks ago, and it only took me two program dates to get it to you. The United States Geological Survey offers a citizen science program to share earthquake information with them. It‘s called Did You Feel It, or DYFI.

We occasionally experience felt earthquakes in District 3, some from outside the district on Lake Erie or near Maysville, Kentucky. Others are within District 3, especially near Anna, Ohio. If you feel one, and wish to add to the USGS knowledge base, send a report to https://earthquake.usgs.gov/data/dyfi/

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV

Supplemental From Randy Allen, KAØAZS:

DYFI reporting forms are also now available in the current version of  Winlink (version, Template version;  Open a New message; Select Template> Standard Templates> USGS.  There are English and Spanish versions of the form.