10. Peer to Peer (P2P) Messaging

If your receiving station is in the local VHF/UHF area, you can by-pass the Winlink RMS/CMS network using the Peer to Peer (P2P) Mode. You can either connect directly with a station if they are in Simplex range, or through a Digipeater.

This would be a method of moving messages from, for example, a shelter directly to a central Red Cross office or between hospitals.

To connect, you first open a Packet P2P session using the “Open Session” drop down box on the main Winlink screen.

To connect directly to another station, set the “Connection type” in the session screen to “Direct”, and enter the callsign of the other station in the box next to it.

Digipeaters work much the same as with Packet Winlink. Set the “Connection type” to Digipeater, enter the callsign of the station you are connecting to, and in the “via” box, the callsign of the digipeater being used (such as W6CDR-4)

Note that any messages you create must specify that you are using P2P. In the new message form, set the “Send as” drop down box to “Peer-to-Peer Message”. Messages marked as “Winlink message” will be ignored when sending your outbox in a P2P connection. Similarly, when connected to a Telnet, Packet Winlink or HF Winlink RMS, the software will ignore any P2P messages when sending standard Winlink messages.

You can also connect P2P on HF. For instance another station and I were able to establish a P2P connection on 80M  to test his HF station set up.