12. Registering your Winlink account for Radio Only

The first step in using Radio Only is to register your Winlink account with designated Hybrid RMS stations to use.

In Winlink Express, go to Settings>Hybrid Network Parameters. On the right side of the dialog box, click on “Update List of RMS available as MPS”. This ensures you have a current list of available stations.

In the left column, you can use the drop down boxes to select up to 3 MPS nodes. These should be stations that you can connect to reliably. I have 3 stations that I use regularly; KC8YJJ, KD7UHR, and NØSA. I can usually hit at least one of these station at any time during the day on at least one band.

I developed my list by logging each time I connected to an HF RMS and looking at which ones I am most successful in using.

A useful tool for finding and selecting MPS stations is to look at the Winlink.org Live System Information page at https://winlink.org/RMSChannels. Select either PACTOR or VARA depending what equipment/software you use for HF Winlink, and look for stations that have an “H” on their location marker. Any of the MPS stations can be used for Radio Only on any band supported by the RMS.

Once you have selected your MPS stations, click on the “Register MPS via Internet”. This will upload your choices through the Winlink system to all MPS stations. You can also use the “Queue radio message to register my MPS” if you do not have an internet connection.

You can also register an e-mail to receive notifications that you have Radio Only messages waiting. Of course that assumes that you have an internet connection.

The Next training will discuss creating and sending a Radio Only message.