2. Winlink Initial Setup

My discussions are based on my set up: Windows 10, SignaLink USB, and an IC-706MKIIG radio. You will need to research how to properly set up your station. In general, if you have FLDIGI configured to run with your radio, you should be able to set up Winlink with minimal problems.

The Winlink website, https://winlink.org/ has links to software, documentation, tutorials including YouTube videos and operating information.

This training will focus on Winlink Express for Windows: https://downloads.winlink.org/User%20Programs/ Winlink Express is free to use. It will periodically remind you to register for a $24.00 fee to, but the free version is fully functional.

There are software packages available for Mac and Linux. See this comparison chart: https://winlink.org/ClientSoftware. Future training may look into setup and configuration of these versions.

Once installed, You will first need to set up a free Winlink user account. See: https://winlink.org/user. You must request a user account from within the Winlink software client.

Once you have an account, you can use Winlink in Telnet mode to send and receive messages using the internet while you learn the program. Winlink Express works very similar to most Email clients.

If you install the software feel free to send a test message to KA0AZS using Telnet or RF if you have that configured.

Next training will discuss set up for messaging over the air.