6. Messages

To create a message, in the main Winlink Express window, click on Message, New Message. Or click on the New message icon on the tool bar.

Messages to other Winlink users.

To send messages to other Winlink users, simply enter their call sign in the “To” field

Messages to e-mail users

You can send Winlink messages over RF to be transferred to standard e-mail users. Simply put their normal e-mail address in the “To” field. However, in order for them to be able to reply to you through the Winlink system, their subject line must start with: “//WL2K” This allows their message to pass through the Winlink system spam filters.

Alternatively, you can add an email address to the whitelist by Winlink message. Send a message to SYSTEM, Subject: WHITELIST and in body ACCEPT:” who@whoville.net”. See https://www.winlink.org/content/how_manage_your_whitelist_spamcontrol for more information

You can also add them using your Winlink account at the Winlink.org site.


As with standard e-mail programs, you can save contacts for future use. In the main Winlink Express window, click on Settings; “Contacts…”. You can add remove or edit frequently used addresses. Remember, for Winlink users, you only need to add their callsign to the E-mail field. You can also save standard e-mail addresses.

Winlink Nets. There are two local Winlink nets. Unlike normal nets, there is no set time to check in. Simply send a Winlink message to the designated address on the designated day.

Greene County ARES—Tuesday

On Tuesday between 6am and 9pm, send a message to W8LRJ using the following format: Callsign, Name, City, County, ARES District, State, and How Connected (Frequency and Callsign of Winlink Gateway or Telnet). As an example, that would be “W8LRJ, John Westerkamp, Beavercreek, Greene, D3, OH (via 445.01 W8GCA-10 Gateway)”.


At any time on Wednesday, send a message to K8EAF, Subject field “OH Winlink Net Check-in”, one line with callsign, first name, city, county, state and via what mode (VHF, UHF, HF or Telnet).

Homework assignment: Check in to each of the nets and add KA0AZS in the “TO” field when you do.