7. Forms

Unlike FLDIGI which uses the FLMSG companion software to handle forms, Winlink has a library of forms built in. The forms are periodically updated and will prompt you to download the newest forms when opening Winlink Express while connected to the internet.

To use a form, open up a new message. When the message screen opens up, click on “Select Template”, and then click on the + sign next to “Standard Templates”. A directory listing will open up.

Some commonly used forms are:

“ICS USA Forms” (click on the + sign next to the label to see the list of available forms). The ICS-213 is the message form used for these training sessions. It is a basic general message form and is one of the forms you can use for checking into the Ohio Winlink Net on Wednesdays.

“General Forms”. The Winlink Check In form provides a standardized way to check into a net and provide relevant information to Net Control. It is one of the forms you can use for checking into the Ohio Winlink Net on Wednesdays.

“ARC Forms” Several of the forms used by the American Red Cross, including during the May and upcoming November 2020 drills.

To use a form:

Double click on the form name.

An HTML version of the form will open in your computer’s browser. You can now fill out the fields with your routing and message information. Each form has it’s own required fields.

Each form has a version of each of these buttons:

At the bottom: “Save…Initial Data” This allows you to save a copy of the form with your information. You can then load saved messages to modify as needed rather than create one from scratch.

At the top: “Load…Initial Data”. Loads information from a file you created when you pressed “Save…Initial Data”. You can then enter new information or modify the existing fields. There is also a link for help about the form..

Once you’ve completed your form, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. You may get a pop up window. Click OK. Your browser screen is now blank and the message data is now in your Winlink message form. Put the recipient in the To: field. You can now click on Post to Outbox and send it as you would any other message.

Homework; Check into the Ohio Winlink net on Wednesday using the Winlink Check In form with a copy to KA0AZS.