8. Red Cross Drill 14 Nov.

The American Red Cross will be holding a Winlink communications drill this coming Saturday, 14 November 2020. The Drill starts at 0900 and ends at 1800ET. During that period send one AR-213 message form to the Red Cross Divisional Clearing House (ARCATLANTIC for Ohio ARES District 3).

You may use any connection mode (TELNET, VHF/UHF/HF) you have available.

Any operator may participate. You do not have to be a Red Cross, ARES, or EMCOMM volunteer.

Use the following format and provide only the requested information:

DR#: Here enter “ARCDRILL1120”

Incident Name: Here Enter “Red Cross Message Drill”

Message#: Here Enter “001” If you send more than 1 message use “002”, “003”

Precedence: This is almost ALWAYS “Routine”

To (Name and Position): ARCATLANTIC

From (Name and Position): Here Enter Your Name and Callsign

Subject: Here Enter “Red Cross Messaging Drill 11-20”

Date: The form should add the date. Press enter

Time: The form should add the time, Press enter

Message: For the message itself, enter the following information:

The Town and State that you are in. (Example: Dayton, OH)

How you connect to send the message, HF, VHF, UHF, Telnet

Are you a solo operator of member of a team? (Note, to keep things simple I intend to submit a solo report as I have not found the answers to the team questions)
If a team:
How many operators? Team Name?
In your group how many are Winlink capable?
How many ARES, Red Cross or other?

Approved by: Here Enter your name and callsign

Position/Title: Here enter your affiliation, i.e. ARES, Red Cross, AUXCOM, etc. If none, enter “NONE”

if you are an ARES leader, add title i.e. EC, DEC, SEC or other.

Here are links to the Red Cross Drill Instructions and a sample ARC-213 filled out using those instructions. (Click on the file images that come up in order to open the PDF)