Week 15: Sending a Winlink Message to yourself

As many of you have found out when testing your Winlink setup you are not able to send yourself a message to your Winlink account. According to the Winlink site this to avoid the possibility of an infinite feedback loop.

You can get around this by sending a message to one of your non-Winlink e-mail accounts. However there is a way to send yourself a test message using only the Winlink system:

1. Address your message to “TEST”

2. Send it as normal (using Telnet/VHF/UHF/HF)

3. Wait a minute or so and connect to Winlink again and retrieve your messages.

4. You will receive a reply from the Winlink system from the addressee of “SERVICE” and the subject of “Test Message”. The message body will read “The following message was received by the Winlink test message reflector…” followed by the text of the message you sent.