Week 11: Introduction to Radio Only

In the event of a total internet outage that prevents RMS stations from connecting to the CMS servers, there is a Radio Only mode in Winlink that allows relay of messages between properly configured RMS nodes, known as Hybrid stations, using only HF. This network of Hybrid stations relays traffic between them using PACTOR links.

A main difference between the normal Winlink and Radio Only modes is that the receiving stations have to connect to a designated Hybrid RMS (known as a Message Pickup Station (MPS)) to download messages.

You will not be able to send or receive Radio Only messages through a local VHF/UHF RMS or through Telnet.

At this time only PACTOR and VARA support the Radio Only Mode. It is not currently supported by ARDOP.

The next training will discuss how to set up your Winlink account for Radio Only use.