13. Real ID

A States Rights issue has recently reared its ugly head at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland, at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Alabama and at many other Federal sites.   Four states, plus one U.S. territory, have missed the Federal Real ID Act deadline for upgrading the security of their driving licenses and/or state identification cards.

NETC and CDP attendees from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington and American Samoa must arrive with a valid passport or other Federal ID, as their state IDs can no longer be accepted as a valid form of identification for entry onto many Federal reservations.  There is an alternate procedure for gaining admittance, but it requires the visitor to submit paperwork at least three weeks in advance, and the resulting background check is only good for 180 days.

Fortunately, Ohio and all of its neighboring states are in compliance, but there might be ARES members out there who are carrying one of the licenses mentioned.  The Real ID Act is supposed to apply to entry to most Federally controlled areas, including office buildings.  And in less than two years noncompliance will even block the user from boarding a commercial aircraft.

Being unable to fly commercial may inconvenience the residents of those four states, but it will be a huge deal in American Samoa, where there are no Interstates or trains!