15. Houston Flood Recovery

Most of you have heard something about the ongoing record flooding taking place in portions of the Houston, Texas area.  They are now reaching the point where assistance from outside the state is being requested.  And it is possible that some net participants may have the time and energy to get involved.

First of all, I’d like to strongly encourage anyone listening to make formal arrangements with responsible parties in the Houston area prior to leaving Ohio.  Self-deployment into a disaster area is almost never a good idea.

I have a web address for those who might like to volunteer to help in Texas, as well as those who would like to work with established organizations to move needed disaster supplies into the affected area.  The point of contact recommended by the mayor of Houston is: http://www.houstonfloodrecovery.org/ .  This umbrella organization serves the greater Houston area, not just the City of Houston itself.  Too often the large cities receive the bulk of the press coverage and the assistance, while nearby village residents are suffering as much or more.