18. ARES Manuals on the ARRL Website

Have you ever visited the ARES web page on the American Radio Relay League website?  While some ARRL goods and services are only available to dues paying members, most items on the ARES page are available to all.  Two free pdf downloads near the top of the ARES page are of particular interest.

The first is the March 2015 edition of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services Manual.  This 94 page handbook discusses ARES, its structure and its relationships with served agencies.

The next is the 2008 edition of the ARES Field Resources Manual.  This is 90 pages of information that you might wish to have with you while responding to an actual incident, such as how to prepare a Ready Kit, sometimes referred to as a Go Kit.

Both of these free publications can be printed out and/or downloaded to a computer or tablet.  To reach the ARRL’s ARES page, go to: http://www.arrl.org/ares .