Let’s spend a few training sessions talking about emergency nets.  Tonight’s choice is the Ohio Digital Emergency Net, or OHDEN. OHDEN is an Ohio Section emergency traffic net using sound card digital modes and Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, or NVIS, antennas to better cover the State of Ohio.  The purpose of the net is to link the Ohio emergency operations center to the various county emergency operations centers within Ohio.

The OHDEN currently meets at 7:45 PM EDT Tuesdays on 3585 kiloHertz USB, with 7072 kiloHertz USB as the alternate frequency.  That’s right, I said 80 or 40 meters Upper Sideband!  The digital modes currently in use are OLIVIA 8/500 and PSK31, with MT63 used for sending bulletins.  The standard software program is FLDIGI.

More information about the OHDEN may be found at http://ohden.org/ .  FLDIGI and related programs may be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/directory/communications/hamradio/os:windows/ .