The Salvation Army has many projects going on simultaneously throughout the United States and the world.  One major project is disaster response, and ham radio operators participate through the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network, or SATERN.  SATERN operates dozens of daily and weekly training nets, which can gradually or rapidly switch to emergency or catastrophe nets as needed.

The current activation status of SATERN’s nets may be found on their website home page, which is www.satern.org .  This status varies from Delta I, or training mode, through Delta V, signifying a response to a catastrophic event.  The SATERN net days, times and frequencies can also be found on a link at this home page.

National and international SATERN voice operations take place on 14.265 MHz USB.  Many regional SATERN voice nets use 7.265 MHz LSB.  SATERN state nets show up on 80 meter frequencies, and some smaller SATERN nets use two meter repeaters, as noted on the link above.