40. RDPC

The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium, or RDPC is a collection of colleges and universities that contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to bring free emergency management training into small cities and towns.

They have scheduled a one day class entitled Mobilizing Faith-Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disaster several times in and near District 3, but it gets canceled each time due to a shortage of interest.  RDPC tries to get twenty students enrolled in order to justify sending instructors and materials flying across the country.

Their latest attempt to offer this class is in Kenton, Ohio on Thursday, October 27th.  If you would like to enroll, it may still be possible to do so by calling 1-877-855-7372.  You must first obtain a FEMA Student Identification Number at cdp.dhs.gov/FEMASID to register for any FEMA class.  And to learn about other RDPC course offerings, visit www.ruraltraining.org .