41. COMMEX 16-4

From October 30th through November 1st, the Army and Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio Services, or MARS, will participate in the quarterly Department of Defense Contingency Communications Exercise, or COMMEX 16-4.

MARS is asking as many amateurs as possible to monitor 5330.5 kilohertz on Monday. October 31st (Sunday local) between 0300 and 0400 UTC.  High powered military transmitters will be tested during this period and MARS is requesting reception reports from monitors.  QSL information is scheduled to be part of these transmissions.

In addition to these broadcasts, MARS operators will attempt to contact amateur operators on the five 60 meter channels available to hams.  In addition, they will also be contacting hams on VHF and UHF amateur repeaters as well as via HF bands using NVIS antennas.

Additional information is available at www.arrl.org.  From the home page, select ‘NEWS’ and click pages until you find the MARS logo.