7. Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

Some of you may already know that the American Red Cross, including the chapters covering ARES District 3, is currently engaged in a Home Fire Preparedness Campaign.  The goal is to reduce the number of fire deaths and injuries nationwide by 25% over the next five years.  Meeting this ambitious goal will require some help.

If the smoke alarms in your home are over ten years old, the first thing you should do to assist this campaign is to replace those outdated detectors.  The Red Cross is prepared to assist by installing replacements in your home as needed.  There is no charge for this service, although the installers will ask you to take some time to make a plan to respond appropriately if a fire should break out in the home.

To be placed on an installation list, call your American Red Cross office in Dayton (937-222-6711 for Montgomery, Greene or Preble Counties) or Troy (937-332-1414 for all remaining ARES District 3 counties) during business hours.  The office should record your request and staff will contact you later to set up an appointment at your home.  This offer does not extend to residents of apartment complexes with a wired smoke detector system.

These installation teams could use a few more hands, so if you have some weekends or evenings free contact your Red Cross office to inquire about joining the Red Cross staffs, fire departments and other volunteers to take a bit of training and install a few detectors in your neck of the woods.