8. Humanitarian Academy of Harvard

Harvard University currently has an endowment approaching $38 billion dollars.  That’s billion as in bravo!  I have no idea where most of this money comes from or goes to, but I have found a small piece of it that may interest potential disaster responders, including ARES members.

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative has formed an educational arm known as the Humanitarian Academy of Harvard.  This academy draws on the faculties of many of Harvard’s other specialty schools.  It is providing a free e-learning course offering its students a comprehensive introduction to the international humanitarian coordination system.

If a completely free Harvard course on disaster response interests you, go to http://www.buildingabetterresponse.org/ , press the Create a new account button on the right side of the home page, and a few minutes later you should receive an email link to your e-learning course.  I’ve already taken two free response courses from Yale, so I’m looking forward to adding this Harvard course to my resume!