It’s been a while since we mentioned the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Training & Education Division (NTED) course catalog. The current edition, dated 20 March 2017, contains 379 pages of free training being offered primarily to state and local government entities.

Buried within the catalog are a number of courses whose numbers end in a “W”.  These are online offerings, and about 25 of them are available to ARES members who have obtained the previously mentioned FEMA Student Identification Number, or SID.  If you happen to be a sworn member of the law enforcement community, several more of these “W” courses are open to you.  A dozen of these courses relate to cyber security, which should interest many hams using the internet.

Anyway, to download the latest edition of the NTED catalog, go to https://www.firstrespondertraining.gov/ and follow the link near the upper right of the home page.