11. Check your power sources!

In my 25 years as a ham I’ve had a few failures when it comes to emergency preparedness.  In my case, they have generally involved power supply issues.

My Icom 4-band handheld has had rather poor luck when it comes to battery packs.  Although I use it just a few times each year, two of the rechargeable packs have failed in under 5 years each.  I thought I’d gotten smart when I bought a pack for it that took 6 ordinary AA cells, but a set I left in that pack leaked on me, ruining it after just one year.  My 4th pack for this radio is working out just fine, but those false starts had me worried.

My first handheld, a 2 meter Alinco, had a different power supply problem.  I guess I left the external DC supply plugged in too long, because the outer contact eventually no longer closed, so the power never left my charged pack to energize the radio.  It probably would have worked if I had replaced the power jack, but one look told me that replacing the entire radio made more sense than trying to repair that thing!

How often do you check your radio power sources?