12. IS Training Certificates/CARVE Training

Scott, N8SY, the ARRL Ohio Section Manager notes in his current newsletter that 500 Ohio ARES members have now documented that they have completed IS-100, 200, 700 and 800, the four FEMA courses requested of us.  Of course, that means that there are many more Ohio ARES members who have not completed them or not submitted copies of their training certificates to their EC and to n8sy@arrl.org .  Enough said about that!

I recently learned about a new free online course for those who wish to continue with optional training opportunities.  Community-led Action in Response to Violent Extremism (CARVE), FEMA catalog #AWR-355-W, has been available for only two weeks.  Target audiences for this four hour course include community volunteers, which pretty well covers most ARES members.  Once enrolled, you have thirty days to complete this training.  To enroll, go to this University of Maryland website: https://umd-start.catalog.instructure.com/ .  Remember to have your FEMA Student ID number handy to start this or any other FEMA course.