16. Hamvention 2017 Saturday and Sunday Forums

As previously threatened, here are some Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st Hamvention forums that may interest ARES members.

On Saturday morning at 9:15 AM in Forum Room 3 Bill Feist will lead the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network, or SATERN, forum.  The focus will be SATERN in the 21st Century.

At 1:30 PM in Room 2, Bill Curtice of the Miami Valley Mesh Alliance will moderate the forum on digital mesh networks.  He will host Andre Hansen of the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network Project.

Almost simultaneously, at 1:45 PM in Room 4 Mike Corey, the ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager, will host a forum featuring almost everyone we’ve previously mentioned for a brief overview of their disaster organizations.

Finally, on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM S. Ram Mohan of the National Institute of Amateur Radio in Hyderabad, India will present a program on disaster communications in Asia.

If you missed last week’s presentation on Friday forums, look for both of these at www.ohd3ares.org under Net Info/Training/Net Training Archive.