18. Ohio Responds

Just before the beginning of Hamvention 2017 ARRL Ohio Section Manager Scott, N8SY and Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator Stan, N8BHL worked out a deal to integrate Ohio ARES into the Ohio Responds database.  Some of you may have noticed the Ohio Responds booth in Hamvention Building/Tent 6.

Ohio Responds is managed by the Ohio Department of Health to track many of the volunteer staff needed to manage a major disaster in our state.  It tracks credentials and regional training opportunities for its participants, gives heads up on pandemics or other health issues, and probably does other stuff that I’ve missed!

In addition, it provides liability protection to members who take one approved training every three years, which may ease the minds of some potential Amateur Radio Good Samaritans.

In order to begin the application process, you must be on the ARRL Ohio Section IS-100/200/700/800 completion list.  Check here: http://arrl-ohio.org/SEC/special/nims_roster.html .  After that, go to http://arrl-ohio.org/ohio-responds-page.html for specific instructions on joining Ohio Responds as an Ohio ARES member.