2. Agora

Regular net attendees will not be surprised to discover that I’ve stumbled across yet another emergency training site.  The United Nations Children’s Fund has established Agora, a training web portal for their staff and those of other Non-Governmental Organizations, or NGOs.  Most courses of interest here are related to emergencies involving children.

The first course I took was Psychosocial Support Programming, which complemented my previous training in Psychological First Aid.  I’ve also registered for one involving persons with disabilities.

Registration and training for us NGO types (Red Cross, ARES, etc.) is free at https://agora.unicef.org .  After you complete your registration, the site will send a link to your email address.  Using that link, login and go to the Catalogue button to search for appropriate training opportunities.  Please note that it took me a while to get accustomed to using the catalogue’s filters.  Courses that you sign up for appear under the Backpack button, so be sure to practice using it as well.