20. Tropical Storm Cindy/Preparedness

As I am preparing tonight’s ARES program, Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to make landfall soon near the Louisiana-Texas border.  While the center of circulation of this storm is expected to pass to our south as a tropical depression, parts of District 3 may still receive a respectable amount of rain on Thursday and Friday.

So we’ve probably dodged a bullet with regards to Cindy, but there are still over five months left in the 2017 hurricane season.  Remnants of tropical systems can, and sometimes do, impact western Ohio.  In 2008 the winds left over from Hurricane Ike caused half a billion dollars in wind damage in Ohio alone.  Some Ohio residents were left without power for a week.

This brings us to some questions ARES leaders have asked you often in the past.  Are your backup batteries fully charged?  Have you tested your generator recently?  Is your go kit ready for action?  Do you even have a go kit?  Even if you don’t need this things for Thursday or Friday, they might come in handy for Field Day on Saturday and Sunday!