21. Communications Backup Plans

Well, internet access has been down for almost two weeks now at my Red Cross office. Repair work orders have been submitted, but to no avail so far. Much of what Red Cross Disaster Services does now requires the internet, so I’ve implemented a couple of backup plans to cover situations like my office is currently facing.

When I need Red Cross internet access during and immediately after regular business hours, I can use either my public library’s wi-fi or its customer computers. Should an after-hours emergency arise I’ve made arrangements to work out of the county emergency operations center, which also offers both wi-fi and in-house computer access.

It’s a good idea for ARES organizations and members to have backup plans as well. Do you have backup repeaters and/or simplex frequencies preselected? Does your county ARES have a continuity of operations plan should things go very, very wrong? Do all members know these backup arrangements?

It’s certainly something to consider while things are quiet around here!