24. Hawaii Civil Defense Preparations

Hawaii has become the first state to respond to North Korea’s latest Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tests.  Effective as soon as November of 2017, the siren tests Hawaii uses to warn people about major emergencies on the first workday of each month will include a second siren test specifically to indicate a possible nuclear attack.  Many jurisdictions in the United States once tested similar sirens, but discontinued them in the 70’s.

In addition, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency now recommends that all residents be prepared to shelter in place for up to fourteen days.  This means minimally maintaining a two week supply of food and drinking water at all times.

The water supply, one gallon per person per day, and most food items would have to be rotated through the stocks, because bottled water and foods expire after a few years.  Most sources recommend a three day supply of these items at this time.  Should we be rethinking that?