26. ARRL Emergency Communications Courses

Let’s revisit a few emergency management related courses offered by the American Radio Relay League, or ARRL.  New Amateur Radio Emergency Services members and hams who do not belong to the ARRL may not be familiar with these ham radio specific training opportunities.
Introduction to Emergency Communication, course EC-001, is open to any amateur radio operator.  The cost depends on whether you are an ARRL member or not.  There are also two prerequisite Federal Emergency Management Agency courses – IS-100 (online version) or ICS-100 (classroom version) and IS-700 (online only).  Evidence of completion must be supplied at the time you register.
Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs, course EC-016, is free to certain ARRL members only.  While any ham may be an ARES member, you must also be an ARRL member to hold an ARES appointment as an EC, DEC, SEC, etc.  There are additional prerequisites and recommended courses associated with this advanced course, and there is a fee to take the course completion test.
ARRL Public Relations, course EC-015, is a free course useful for hams with Public Information Officer, or PIO, aspirations.  For more information on these three courses, visit www.arrl.org/online-course-catalog .