31. 2200 and 630 Meter Bands becoming available

In a few weeks the United States Amateur Radio community will have two new bands to play with.  On 2200 Meters hams will be able to use 135.7 to 137.8 kHz at one watt Effective Isotropic Radiated Power, or EIRP, maximum.  And on 630 Meters we will have 472 to 479 kHz available at up to five watts EIRP. 
A unique condition prior to using either of these bands is that the Federal Communications Commission requires us to register our intentions with the Utilities Technology Council at https://utc.org/plc-database-amateur-notification-process/ .  If you don’t hear back from the UTC in thirty days you are good to go. 
Will these new allocations have any practical use in emergency communications? I guess we will all find out together in the coming months and years! 
Additional:  These bands are available to General, Advanced and Extra class licensees.  Many general coverage receivers can receive these frequencies, but transmitters are likely to be a build it yourself proposition for the near future.