35. NIMS National Qualification System

A few weeks back we mentioned that the main National Incident Management System, or NIMS, document has been updated.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also updated NIMS Resource Management Supplemental Guidance and Tools as well. 
Most of this stuff refers to incident management job titles, descriptions and qualifications.  Some have been around for years, but others are new to NIMS.
Three sets of these tools may be of particular interest to some ARES members.  The Communications Unit Leader, or COM-L has overall responsibility over communications at a major incident.  A Communications Technician works under the COM-L to repair and maintain and program incident communications systems.
A new set of tools that may be of interest to ARES members who hold B.S. degrees in a science or engineering field is the Science and Technology AdviserThis person offers guidance to the incident management decision makers at HazMat or other science or technology related incidents.
For detailed information about these and other NIMS positions, go to www.fema.gov/national-qualification-system