36. ARES Membership Considerations

Are you a member of more than one county ARES organization?  Many amateurs live, work and play in different counties, so it seems likely that a few of us may be registered with more than one ARES jurisdiction.  Earlier this week, SEC Stan Broadway stated that ARES members are encouraged to volunteer for any activities that strike their fancy, but are requested to be on the ARES roster of just one county. 
If you stop to think about this a while, it does make sense.  Showing up on multiple rosters inflates the number of ARES volunteers potentially available, as well as possibly inflating the hours served if reported to more than one EC.  While not a problem during local emergencies, it becomes more of an issue during regional, state or national disasters.  The 10,000 hams rostered in Ohio ARES might be just 5,000 live bodies if we eliminate such duplications. 
Do you desire an ARES appointed position, such as EC, DEC, SEC or Official Emergency Station?  While any licensed amateur is encouraged to be an active ARES member, you must also be an American Radio Relay League member to be considered for any of the ARES appointments mentioned above.