37. Exercising Go Kits

Now that all of us have Go-Kits, have you ever thought about exercising yours?  It seems like a low-stress opportunity to see how well you selected your kit’s contents.  Consider bringing your kit along on your next visit to relatives for the holidays.   
If your kit includes water, did you leave expansion room in the water container in case that water temporarily turns to ice?  If not, things could get ugly indeed in your trunk when that ice melts!  Did you include enough emergency food rations?  If you finished off all of the energy bars in under three days of traveling the answer might be no. 
Did you try operating your handheld from a motel room only to discover that you omitted the BNC to SO-239 adaptor that lets you use any antenna other than the rubber duck? 
And, most importantly of all, did you remember enough extra clean underwear and socks?  One of my most vivid disaster memories was talking with a police officer who didn’t have extras in a town where all laundry services were off line due to contamination issues.  Ouch!