38. Public Speaking for Amateur Radio

Have you ever made a presentation about ARES in particular or ham radio in general before any group of non-Amateurs?  Most members of the general population still don’t know the difference between Citizens Band radio operators and Amateur Radio operators, so it’s a good idea to share what we know outside of the ham community. 
Many hams are not comfortable with public speaking – even in front of a small audience.  This morning I joined two Red Cross employees for a ninety-minute presentation on emergency preparedness and Citizen CPR.  We spoke to forty Springfield, Ohio sixgraders and were very pleased with the outcome.  Kids will listen carefully for mistakes and call you out if you make one, but are impressed by folks who know their subject well. 
If you would like to give public speaking for Amateur Radio a try, FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute has a free online course for you.  At https://training.fema.gov look for IS-242.b, Effective Communication.