32. California Wild Fires

The focus of disaster responders is rapidly shifting to the West Coast this week, as multiple wildfires combined with Santa Ana winds are torturing tens of thousands of California residents.  See the state fire response website fire.ca.gov for updates.  
Some of the issues associated with the hurricane landfalls are also showing up in California.  Large numbers of cellular sites are being taken offline by melted fiberoptic links, power loss and cell towers bent over by high fire temperatures and wind! 
Pacific Gas and Electric is deenergizing electric circuits ahead of the fire lines for the safety of first responders, as well as turning off natural gas pipelines to destroyed neighborhoods. 
While the stories of amateur radio participation here have not yet surfaced, I’m sure they are supporting some of the first respondersUnfortunately, other hams are probably victims of these fires as well, as entire neighborhoods in Northern California have burned to the foundations.