Raspberry PI

I ran into our District Emergency Coordinator on Monday evening and he was concerned that our programs might be drifting too far from ARES topics.  So let’s try to get back on track.

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive but powerful microcomputer that some hams are adopting for amateur radio use.  There are many operating systems available, most Linux based but a stripped down version of Windows 10 will run on one.

It has become a popular device for scratch built automated weather stations, which have SkyWarn applications.  Other hams use the Pi for D-Star, Echolink, RTTY and APRS projects.  Still others use them for Software Defined Radio and WSPR experiments.

Raspberry Pi motherboards and accessories are available from area vendor MCM, on Amazon and from many other sources.  Raspberry Pi projects crop up daily, so rather that list websites I’d suggest just plugging Raspberry Pi into your favorite search engine.  For Raspberry Pi basic information, go to https://raspberrypi.org .  We will take up competitor Arduino during a later program.