17. Field Day Prep part 2

Greetings again from Clark County, celebrating its Bicentennial and 64 consecutive days without a tornado!

Regarding last week’s program, after further investigation I discovered that my transceiver’s receive amplifier had not failed.  I actually had a short in a three foot section of RG-58/U between my rig and a lightning arrestor.  This was good news, as it is much easier to replace a jumper than it is to replace a surface mount amplifier!

With that issue solved I moved on to print out a copy of the 2018 Field Day package from the www.arrl.org website.  We have two new bands this year.  Can the longwave and medium wave bands be used for Field Day?  You won’t know unless you read the 2018 rules.  There are many station classes.  Have you or your club selected yours yet?  Can you add a separate VHF station?  What about a Get-on-the-Air, or GOTA, station?  Some station classes can’t.

Maybe next week we should consider a Field Day antenna choice.

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV