19. ARES Connect

Greetings again from Clark County, celebrating its bicentennial this year.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is in the process of moving the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) to a more paperless operation.  With that in mind, they have created a website called ARES Connect.  Ohio Section ARES is an early adopter of this website, and Ohio ARES members should take a few minutes to register here.  After doing so registered members may visit ARES Connect to view Ohio ARES nets and activities, and to sign up for those of interest to them.

I’ve noticed that Montgomery County, OH ARES and Greene County, OH ARES nets are already listed on ARES Connect, although our Ohio District 3 net is not listed as yet, and frequencies and tones used by the Greene County net are missing.  Perhaps the various net managers involved can attend to these tasks soon.

There are provisions here for listing licensing test sessions, so VECs should look into that as well.  You can’t list your test sessions in too many places!

To get started on ARES Connect – Ohio, visit https://arrl.volunteerhub.com/lp/oh

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV