9. FEMA IS-800.c Revised Course

Late last year I mentioned that the four Federal Emergency Management Agency Independent Study courses requested of all ARES members – IS 100, 200, 700 and 800 – were being revised this year.  The first of these revised courses is now available. 

IS-800.c National Response Framework: An Introduction was released yesterday by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.  It provides the big picture of government response to a major disaster.  If you have already completed one of the earlier versions of IS-800 you need not take this training, although if it has been many years since you took that earlier version it wouldn’t hurt to do so to refresh your skills. 

As always, IS-800.c is free and should take fewer than three hours to finish.  And when you have the course completion certificate in hand, don’t forget to forward copies to your ARES Emergency Coordinator, District Emergency Coordinator and Section Emergency Coordinator! 

To start IS-800.c, go to https://emilms.fema.gov/IS800.c