15. Vigilant Guard 2019

Between Monday, August 5th and Thursday, August 8th the U.S. Northern Command and the National Guard Bureau will be conducting Vigilant Guard 2019.  Vigilant Guard is a major military and civilian exercise covering multiple states and territories.  In Ohio eleven counties are involved, including Clark and Greene within ARES District 3.  This cybersecurity related exercise will involve ninety local, state and federal agencies overall.

Individuals not activated as a part of Vigilant Guard 2019 may still notice unusual troop movements, including vehicles and aircraft.  Radio scanner listeners will hear traffic on rarely heard frequencies and talk groups.

Every agency will be testing some aspect of their emergency plans.  For example, Clark County will open its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on Monday and Tuesday.  Also on Tuesday, it will activate a Point of Distribution (PoD) center at the Clark County Fairgrounds.

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV.