17. EPIC

This afternoon I participated in a webinar sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emergency Partners Information Connection, or EPIC.  The topic, Disasters – Keeping Volunteers, Workers and Responders Safe, is relevant to ARES assignments and other public events.

While all responses are supposed to have a person designated as the Safety Officer, it is important that everyone consider safety at an incident to be their responsibility.

To consider a recent example, I know of one recent tornado responder who needed a tetanus shot because, while looking at his computer tablet for damage assessment purposes, he stepped on a board with nails facing up instead of watching where he placed his feet!  If you responded to any of the tornado locations, did you consider that large amounts of fiberglass and asbestos were blowing around those neighborhoods for weeks after Memorial Day?

Anyway, this webinar points out many things to consider about responder safety, including online resources and additional safety training available.  This one hour program should be available in about a week at the EPIC website: https://emergency.cdc.gov/epic