18. Private Go Kit

Many of us have an amateur radio go kit ready for local emergencies, but how many of you also have a second go kit with the personal items that you might need for a week or so?

One of my strongest disaster memories was of the North Dakota police officer who dropped everything to respond to a flood halfway across his state.  He arrived with three sets of underwear, only to discover that the loss of the city water supply meant that there was no hot water available to launder the two sets he wasn’t wearing.  That was fine for the first week, but he was there for several.  On top of that, the town was evacuated and there were no stores open to buy more.  When I met him during week two he was already pretty unhappy.  The overtime he earned did not make up for the chafing he experienced.

Pack your private go kit with all the socks and undies you might need, as well as protein bars, peanut butter jars, snacks, heater meals, all meds you need, water purifiers, a space blanket, etc.  While disaster operations work hard to get food and clean water to everyone, it sometimes takes several days to organize that.

And keep your eye on Florida this weekend.  Things are about to, if you’ll pardon the expression, go south there in a hurry with the approach of a major hurricane.

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV.