5. Nuclear and Radiological Events

Greetings once again from Clark County, Ohio, which is now celebrating 20 consecutive days without a tornado!

This morning the West Central Ohio Regional Public Health Departments conducted a half day exercise, Nuclear Winter Blues, designed to prepare these agencies to handle a major radiological emergency.  Just as this exercise wrapped up the federal Center for Disease Control offered a one hour webinar called “Communication for a Nuclear or Radiological Disaster”. And yesterday the Federal Emergency Management Agency released a PrepTalk entitled “Saving Lives after a Nuclear Detonation”.

These agencies have had relatively little to say about radiological events for several decades.  Now the issues are back on the minds of these responders.

Amateur radio operators are required to learn some physics in order to pass their license exams.  Since radiological events can impact ARES activities far more than many other emergencies, perhaps we should begin to study the area of physics involving radiological issues a little more than we have in the past few decades.

Do the members of this net have any thoughts one way or another along those lines?

Submitted by Michael Schulsinger, N8QHV.